How VINE helps Missouri

VINE is the nation's most reliable and confidential source for updated custody status and criminal case information.
VINE has supported Missouri citizens and public safety officials for more than 20 years.

In 2023, VINE (MOVANS) helped to:
  • Conduct almost 4.4 million searches, over 12,000 searches a day
  • Helped to register over 114,000
  • Notified victims over 1.2 million times
  • Over 6,200 calls answered by sensitivity-trained customer support available 24/7/365

The History of VINE

The nation’s first and largest victim notification platform, alerting victims when their offender has been released from jail or even moved to another facility.

Mary Byron was a young woman living in Louisville, KY. She had just ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. However, Mary’s ex-boyfriend began stalking her, and eventually assaulted her in the basement of her parents’ home. Mary was able to get him to leave, and immediately told her parents what happened. Mary’s parents had her ex-boyfriend arrested by local police, and asked to be notified if anything changed, so that they could get Mary to safety. 

On Mary’s 21st birthday, she got off work, and got into her car. It was a cold night so she waited for her car to warm up. What Mary didn’t know was that her assailant had been bailed out of jail by one of his family members. He approached her car and fired several shots into the driver’s side, killing Mary instantly.

Today, VINE allows victims to receive immediate notifications, by text, email or TTY for the hearing impaired, about their offender’s custody status and court appearances. Live operator support is included with VINE 365/24/7 through the Equifax VINE Customer Service Center at 866-277-7477.

Hundreds of calls per day were answered every day to support Missouri citizens in times of crisis