VINE Emergency Override Procedures (EOP)

If your agency is currently experiencing an issue with its automated victim notification system, automated notifications will not be delivered to victims/registrants until the issue is resolved. To ensure the victims/registrants in your agency still receive notifications during this outage, follow the Emergency Override Procedures.

You will need to perform the instructions below only if an offender is no longer in custody (escapes, releases, transfers, etc.) during this outage period. In addition to any overrides, please continue with your normal updates through your Jail Management System. 

We will notify you to stop using the override procedures once we have the outage resolved. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems logging into VINEWatch.

Customer First Center Support Phone: (866) 561-7057

Emergency Override Procedures  

  • Log into VINEWatch
  • Find Offenders
    • Select Search from the menu on the left
    • Select Offender from the Type drop down menu
    • Enter an offender name or ID in the Offender Name or ID field
    • Click SEARCH
    • Select an offender
    • On the offender detail page, scroll down to RECORD DETAILS and click OVERRIDES/BLOCKS
  • To change a custody status WITHOUT sending automatic notifications:
    • First set Block Notification in the Blocks section
    • Click SAVE
    • Reopen the Overrides/Blocks window and proceed with the instructions below
  • Change the custody status (this will send notifications automatically unless the block is set):
    • Set the date and time the custody status change should go into effect
    • Choose the new Custody Status and Detail from the drop-down menus
    • In Custody
    • Out of Custody
      • Deceased
      • Escape
      • General Release
    • Supervised Custody
      • Out of State
      • Work Release
      • Custody Status Reason (additional reasons vary by state/agency)
    • Transferred
      • Federal Agency
      •  Out of State
      • Agency (select the specific agency where the offender has been transferred)
    • Unsupervised Custody
      • Work Release
      • Custody Status Reason (additional reasons vary by state/agency)
    • Add your reason for the override in the comments section
  • If you set Block Notification to prevent a notification from going out on your override, you will need to uncheck Block Notification to allow notifications to resume.